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Formerly Creepy Mansion | Saturday Morning

Since their last attempt at a vacation had been sort of a disaster, Stiles and Derek decided a quick weekend to Fandom was in order. It wasn't much of a vacation site but, hey, at least they could say they left the house...and went back to their old house. Mike was such a good person for putting up with them.

Like old times Stiles was asleep upstairs totally unaware some Fandom weirdness was going on. But he'd find out. Oh, he'd find out.

[For the guy, the other guy that owns the place and anybody else that knocks]
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Was a super clean-cut and bespectacled guy who looked like a sort of nerdy Derek something he was expecting from this visit? If not... sorry 'bout it, Mike.

"Hi." Second person he didn't know.
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It was not what he'd been expecting, no.

"... Hi," he said. "I, uh, I'm Mike. You probably don't know me, but I own the house."
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"Nice to meet you, Mike," Clark replied, offering his hand because he was a real boy with real manners. "I'm Clark. And, uh, I'm apparently stuck here for the weekend? Sorry."

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Yeah, the smiling was a little unsettling. Good thing Mike dealt with this kind of unsettling with a quiet chuckle.

And accepting the handshake. "No worries, man. We're used to it around here."
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"Still, I don't mean to put anyone out." God, he was so polite and earnest. "Can I help with breakfast?"

He would eat at least as much as a werewolf, so it was only polite to help out.