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Formerly Creepy Mansion | Saturday Morning

Since their last attempt at a vacation had been sort of a disaster, Stiles and Derek decided a quick weekend to Fandom was in order. It wasn't much of a vacation site but, hey, at least they could say they left the house...and went back to their old house. Mike was such a good person for putting up with them.

Like old times Stiles was asleep upstairs totally unaware some Fandom weirdness was going on. But he'd find out. Oh, he'd find out.

[For the guy, the other guy that owns the place and anybody else that knocks]
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You know, Mike really should've expected something to go wrong.

But sometimes he was dumb, so he was in the kitchen cooking up breakfast for three and not expecting any weirdness. Nothing weirder than how his idea of 'for three' seemed like some people's 'for an army'.

Shush, he knew how some people needed to be fed.

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"Jesus Christ, what now?"

Mike wasn't clueless enough to actually be surprised by that, even if he hadn't been expecting anything. He also got his phone out half on instinct.

And then he saw Derek. "... Oh, wow."
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Mike snorted. "Well, good for you. He seems... wholesome."
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Was a super clean-cut and bespectacled guy who looked like a sort of nerdy Derek something he was expecting from this visit? If not... sorry 'bout it, Mike.

"Hi." Second person he didn't know.
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It was not what he'd been expecting, no.

"... Hi," he said. "I, uh, I'm Mike. You probably don't know me, but I own the house."
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"Nice to meet you, Mike," Clark replied, offering his hand because he was a real boy with real manners. "I'm Clark. And, uh, I'm apparently stuck here for the weekend? Sorry."

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Yeah, the smiling was a little unsettling. Good thing Mike dealt with this kind of unsettling with a quiet chuckle.

And accepting the handshake. "No worries, man. We're used to it around here."
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"Still, I don't mean to put anyone out." God, he was so polite and earnest. "Can I help with breakfast?"

He would eat at least as much as a werewolf, so it was only polite to help out.